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Home farm was bought in 1975 by the Sowrey family with the aim to set it up as a sustainable business. It operates as a farming, forestry and holiday letting business. Over the years the focus has been to be both sustainable and to develop the environmental aspect of the business
Our ethos is to maintain and develop the sustainability of the natural and built environment. We have a ‘green’ action plan and aim to continue to improve our contribution as a ‘green’ business

Home Farm Green Visitors Charter
We are committed to conserving and sharing the High Weald. We want to maintain the key natural features, the rolling hills, small woodlands, irregular-shaped fields and the natural life there. But we also want to promote our local area to make sure that it remains vibrant and sustainable for the local residents and visitors both now and into the future.

To work together to do this do this you can;

  • Enjoy the local environment- both on Home Farm and beyond. We have so much to see in the woods and fields. If you would like to please note please keep a note of interesting things in the Nature Diary

Please look after the environment to help conserve it

  • Make the most of our local attractions- we have a great range of local attractions that are unique to this area- you won’t find them anywhere else
  • Shop local – use local products and producers – they give you a flavour of the area and help to support local businesses. We are lucky to have so many great producers of local food drink and crafts and regional markets
  • Help us to conserve energy

In the house - please could you switch off lights and close windows if the heating is on
There are fantastic short and long walks around here
We have good access to public transport- it is really worth saving petrol and parking to get to places served by public transport round here

  • Minimise waste – please use the recycling containers here to help to conserve the environment

 And most importantly have a great time while you are here and we hope to see you again

contact: mail@homefarmholidays.com